Stop Facebook algorithms from hurting small-budget indie businesses

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I'm an independent, self-published author with a very limited budget, and I can't afford to "boost" a lot of my posts yet. If I had the money, I would. Instead, I rely on reaching out to FAMILY and FRIENDS to help me get the word out about my new releases, etc. Facebook's new algorithms are hiding these posts that are ESSENTIAL to the success of my business from my family, friends, groups, and page followers. I believe that the shift caused by Mark Zuckerberg's resolution this year was well-intended, at heart, but it's destroying the careers of people like me who are on a shoestring marketing budget and trying to launch their career. The majority of my family and friends aren't seeing my posts because a lot of them revolve around my writing and trying to launch my career. Without them seeing these posts and having the option to interact with them, I can't possibly hope to succeed as an indie author. 

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