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Stop enabling the Harassment of Human Rights Monitors

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A few days ago, the Facebook and e-mail account of Granny Ralls a.k.a. Occupy Human Rights ( ) was AGAIN reported and disabled, with Facebook claiming that she is not who she claims to be. Facebook's policy is to, in all cases, require people to utilize their legal name, and although Granny Ralls is exactly who she claims to be, it is a standard which puts human rights activists, monitors and whistleblowers in serious jeopardy of life and limb, through retaliation. Today, Granny's Facebook account remains disabled. They are demanding that she produce proof of her identity by providing them with some copy of her identification, and she does not have the means or ability to do so (buy a scanner or xerox and buy a fax machine, etcetera.) Few of us would likely be able to do so, and depending on your situation, it could be a grievous hardship, whereas these accusations and reports are clearly baseless and without merit, Facebook has once again decided to put the burden of proof on the victims of cyber harassment, and revictimize them by making them go through extraordinary lengths to provide a corporate office with proof of their personal identity by arbitrarily demanding that people in this situation furnish personally identifiable information, through means convenient to that office. Please join us in trying to convince Facebook to bring an end to this problem, by attempting to e-mail the following addresses:


...this, at present, is our only hope of reconciliation over this problem. Please find included an outline for a basic e-mail request to facebook, for those who would prefer to use it.

Facebook has been instrumental in helping pro-democracy revolutions in the Middle East, seemingly ones which the United States support, yet when it comes to pro-democracy efforts/networking by actual United States citizens, they want to reveal their identities to the would think good ol' All American Facebook Corporation would support pro-democracy citizens and protect their civil rights, their human rights, and their lives by not dogging people, the way they have Granny, and other human rights activists, peaceful protestors throughout the Occupy movement, etcetera. The manner in which they demand that people verify their identities against all baseless accusations not only facilitates harassment, but creates additional hardship against people with disabilities.

The last time this happened, on August 2nd, 2012, Granny's Facebook and e-mail account was hacked. Pursuant to the violation of her account by unknown parties, a large number of images were erroneously reported as being in violation of Facebook's Terms of Service, and the e-mail address associated with the account was being used by the hackers, who had associated it with a different account. This matter was reviewed and her account was restored shortly thereafter, only to again be suspended almost immediately, on account of another baseless presumption or accusation that she was not who she claimed to be. We would ask Facebook to review this account and restore it, as Granny Ralls most certainly is herself, and there are over 4,300 people who regularly follow Granny's posts.

Granny offered this statement:
Please tell Facebook to stop harassing me. They know I am a person with disabilities and there are almost 5,000 people on my friends list and I would hope they all would protest the disabling of my Granny Ralls acct by emailing them at :
; because that url means something special to me as that is what everyone knew my grandmother as and now, me too and I want it back and the harassment to stop. In August, I was told by FB I couldn't use "Occupy Human Rights (Mikst Granny Ralls)" but that I could use "Granny Ralls (Occupy Human Rights") because they considered Granny a nickname and Ralls my real name (as it is) so why do they continue to harass me? They allowed a hacker to access my email address and all my pages and groups sending out all kinds of abusive offensive posts for 11 days in August. Then they allow someone else to complain about my handle Granny Ralls. and disable me? They are really causing me a lot of emotional, personal and professional grief. I am a chronically-ill person whose conditions are exacerbated by stress...does Facebook care about PWDs? They know I depend on this venue to do my that means a lot to me...please tell everyone that if they care about me and my work they will email FB and demand they restore my acct. Thanks ♥ Love & Respect ♥ Granny Ralls ♥

Thank you for your time and consideration, we sincerely hope that you will assist us in resolving this pressing matter, by signing and sharing this petition, as well as e-mailing the addresses provided herein for contacting Facebook, as we do not know how else to pursue having this account reinstated.

Once again, those e-mail addresses to try are as follows:


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