Stop discrimination against transgender people on facebook

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I'm am at the end of this fight.

For months now I have been trying to get facebook to accept my chosen name, the name everyone knows me by and refers to me as. However, facebook has seen this as a violation because it doesn't match any ID I own. Every month I am barred from my account due to 'security reasons' when in truth it's either a) they won't remove an old account so I am tied to it with any other account which causes issues b) the name is not 'acceptable' or c) I have added more than 3 people as a friend (who I explicitly know in real life), commented too much or some other absurd combination of all these things. It's a SOCIAL MEDIA SITE. To Socialise. As WHO YOU ARE. Just because its a multi million dollar company, does NOT mean they have the right to dictate my identity or isolate me from my community or attempt to silence me when I demand action be taken.

I've seen numerous petitions like this one and STILL people are being treated like dirt. I can't have my chosen name and identity (even though I'm known by no other name) while pages encouraging nudity, sharing of killing videos and cults are running rampant. And I'M the one that is an issue? Please.

I am not the only person suffering. Many transgender individuals (and dv victims) are forced to use a name that can cause garm- people will attack you, dox you, harrass and humiliate you because you didntnfly under the radar. And facebook is making it that much harder to be seen as 'a person'.

Just remember that many people like myself who are transgender, encounter alot of issues in real life and rely on online socialising to stay connected to their community. By locking and disabling my account I have been alienated from my only (safe) way to stay in touch with friends. I have had to spend hundred of dollars to LEGALLY change my name because of this site in an attempt to reconnect with people I may never talk to again.  I can't afford to eat because of this. But facebook says I'M the issue. I still have to use my birth name until my paperwork comes through and it has destroyed my mental health.

No one deserves to feel humiliated like this. We have rights. We deserve better. Treat us like people, how hard can it be?

Please help me find strength and fight back for not just myself but every other individual thar deserves justice and a discrimination free space to communicate with others.

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