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Stop charging Pages money to display their own "likers" Posts

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Many individuals own a Facebook page, some that are not very big, while some are well-received by fans and followers. Facebook just initiated a new feature that allows page owners to promote their posts - FOR A COST - to their OWN "LIKERS" who've already become fans of the page!

Facebook is now going to control who sees each Pages's posts and only limit it to around 5% of the people who like the page to begin with...charging each Page for anything over the 5%.

Facebook is supposed to be free, even stating so on the "Welcome to Facebook" homepage, that it's "free and always will be".

This is not fair. Most of the people who use Facebook Pages are fans who developed and created pages dedicated to the movies, celebrities, books, etc. that they enjoy, and want to connect with other people over these around the world. The average person does not have the means to pay for promotion of their posts. Huge corporations and conglomerates yes, but not the average fan. If Facebook understands that the average person does not have the kind of money to promote the page itself, how can they believe and even enforce the procedure to pay to promote just ONE post?

Facebook has gone through many changes recently, and we may have learned to accept and cope with all the recent changes they made to the site, but this is pushing the common people too far.

This petition has been made to try and get Facebook to stop enforcing this debilitating new feature, to stop demanding money from the common person, and to just stop being so greedy.

If you own a Facebook page or know of someone who does, you understand what this new feature will do to the publicity of the Pages. And even if you're just a fan of many of the great pages out there owned and maintained by your fellow fans, and want to help the page and pages like it stay alive...

Please join us to try and get Facebook to end this insanity.

Please sign the petition and SHARE!!

As a side note, cited from another petition on the same subject ( is cruel that Facebook does not "understand that its users are not such shallow people who would spend money to promote POSTS, while other people all over the world are suffering because they don't have enough money to buy food or clothes or a place to live."

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