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Stop blocking Facebook users from inviting fans and friends to events.

Facebook is a public company that has built its success upon the efforts of millions of individual users, many of them promoters of local events. In late March 2013, with no notice or explanation, Facebook began blocking many of these power users from any inviting fans and friends to attend their upcoming events. This sudden, unexplained policy change has resulted in financial loss and stress for the promoters, and lost opportunities for community gathering.

Despite many filed bug reports and long threads on Facebook's community discussion boards, nobody from Facebook has provided an explanation of why this is happening or what event promoters need to do to get back into compliance with any new rules which have been established.

We are asking that Facebook immediately restore the ability of Facebook users to invite fans and friends to upcoming events, and that any future policy changes regarding event invitations be properly announced and explained.

Background Material:

1) Discussion thread

2) The Kafkaesque error message :
"We’re sorry, but you seem to be sending invitations to people who aren’t interested in accepting them. Please make sure you’re only inviting people you know and think would enjoy this event. You’ll be able to send invitations again once more people have accepted."

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