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Stop and Investigate Videos of Child Sexual Abuse

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There is a video of a little Black girl being sexually abused by Black man in the front seat of a car as he is video tapping this horrible crime. I was absolutely appalled to wake up on a Saturday morning to find this abomination in my messenger.

I don't know when or where this video was made... The fact that it is in cyberspace makes it timeless. 

60% of Black girls by the agd of 18 will experience some form of sexual abusive. And because I cannot unsee what I saw this morning... I will not stand my idolly and apathetically and allow that child and others like her to be re-victimized through the forwarding of such vile trash! 

We are calling out Facebook/Messenger to not only stop the sharing of this vile criminal video but investigate its origins and penalize any one who continues to forward the victimization on this little girl and other girls like her.

By signing this petition we are demanding that Facebook acts swiftly to stop this atrocious video and others like it. And launch an investigation on behalf of the victim and the people who are also victimized by receiving such filth in our messenger.

By signing this petition, we will let Facebook know that we will not be silent in the face of sexual abuse of our children and that we are demanding accountability and action against the criminals that are using Facebook/Messenger to vent such deviant behavior. SIGN THIS PETITION AND DEMAND THAT FACEBOOK DO MORE TO PROTECT THE INNOCENT. WE WILL NOT BE PASSIVE ABOUT CHILD ABUSE! WE WILL NOT BE SILENT! WE WILL BE THE VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS! STOP THE SPREAD OF CHILD ABUSE ON FACEBOOK!!!

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