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Facebook: Stop Allowing Violent & Sexist Pages/Posts!

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I am becoming increasingly tired of violent/sexist and inappropriate content on facebook.   Even more frustrating is facebook’s refusal to remove reported pictures and posts which apparently do not ‘violate facebook’s policy on graphic violence/nudity’ etc.  

One recent example is a video of an innocent woman being brutally decapitated for the world to see. The video features men in balaclavas literally removing the head off a woman who is on her knees with her arms behind her back. Another example is that of a woman who was having her throat slit and being bled like an animal by a group of men. When reported, many people received a message saying ‘Thanks for your recent report of a potential violation on Facebook. After reviewing your report, we were not able to confirm that the specific page you reported violates Facebook's Policy on Graphic Violence’ – what?! If videos like this are not considered graphic violence, then what is? 

Facebook’s lackadaisical policies need to be amended, and content needs to be monitored more strictly.  Furthermore, facebooks acceptance of degrading sexism still continues - there are numerous pages displaying pictures of violence against women, rape ‘jokes’ and murder which are totally unacceptable. These pages often circulate for days, for thousands of people to see. 

Facebook already aggravated many users last year for refusing to remove a page entitled ‘dead baby jokes’. 

Despite the fact that this is appalling in its own right, many children now have access to social media and could be severely affected by some of the images they are bound to see. Ideally, facebook should at least offer a PG Policy for some of the content available.  

For this reason, I refuse to accept that posts should be allowed due to ‘freedom of speech’ and that women who are offended by blatant degrading rape jokes / pictures should ‘have a sense of humour’.  This behaviour seems to be normalised on facebook and is a worrying reflection of people’s views in society. 

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