Social Media to Add New Report Option for Content Suggesting Harm to Oneself/Others

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Almost every school shooter, mass murderer and suicide-victim has posted content that suggests their harmful intentions.

Social media has NO report option for this and if you try to report it anyway, no one takes it seriously as it does not "go against company guidelines". 

It seems pretty crazy that we live in a world overly consumed with two things - suicides/deaths and social media. Yet, there is no option to use the power of social media to help reduce suicides and deaths. Why? Because posts suggesting self-harm, suicide, mass-murder, school shootings, etc. doesn't go against their guidelines... but women breastfeeding and an innocent picture of a nipple does...

Let us tell you a story... A story many of you can relate to... 

We came across this Instagram post of a guy cocking a gun, saying he wanted to die and putting the gun to his head. We looked at the rest of his Instagram feed, and they all hinted to this young man being severely depressed. So, naturally, we went to report it in hopes that someone could look into it and possibly save this boys life. 

There was no option to report anything other than for abuse, spam or a fake account. 

We took it upon ourselves to report it anyway and within 5 minutes, we received a reply saying that the account did not go against their guidelines. Not only is it safe to say that no one actually reviewed this young man's account in such a small amount of time, but if his content didn't go against their guidelines, it's time to change those darn guidelines. 

If we start taking these social media posts more seriously, maybe - just maybe we could start saving lives. Because as we all know, social media can be a window into someone's soul and if someone is posting about school shootings, idolizing gun violence and/or praising victims of suicide for "having the courage", having an option to have the content reported so proper authorities can look into it and provide assistance could make a huge difference.