Sign a petition to recall Sen. Elisha Abbo for physically assaulting a nursing mother.

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"To Senate President
Federal Republic of Nigeria
9th Senate

Senator Elisha Abbo Must Be recalled & Punished For Slapping A Nursing Mother

The wilful abuse of state powers contravenes Nigerian Senate Ethics & Values.

We the people now call on the 9th Assembly to rise immediately & recall this young Senator who has abused his office but equally placed Nigeria in the media for yet another wrong reasons.

We call for the immediate police investigation of Senator Elisha Abbo for openly molesting, intimidating & slapping a nursing mother, video captured & released by Premium times.

The Nigerian Senate must redeem itself now and reposition Nigeria as a great institution devoid of characters like Senator Abbo ready to tarnish the image of the Senate & by extension, the already troubling image of Nigeria to the outside world.

The Senate President Dr Ibrahim Ahmed Lawan must now show forthitude to immediately enforce discipline to would be offenders like this new senator representing Adamawa State in the Senate.

We demand for Justice now!!