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should we tolerate racism by foreigners in our own country?

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Recently this incident happened with a lady fb# pooja singh gujral-

Extremely shocking n upsetting incident with Jet airways ! Travelled chandigarh-mumbai over the weekend. On arrival a close friend's customised wheel chair that was checked in as per jet regulations did not reach him. The flight was already delayed because of the airlines internal issues. He was made to wait and i decided to wait along with him! Meanwhile the captain of the aircraft 'Bernd Hoesslin' came and started behaving nasty and screaming for checking in his personal wheelchair. I intervened and told him that it is allowed and various times this wheelchair was checked in earlier aswell! Plus #jetairways had checked it in at chandigarh so it was allowed! He got really mad at me and started screaming and pushed my hand saying 'GET OUT' ! I moved him aside and warned him not to touch me ! He said 'u bloody indian' and thats when i gave him hell. My friend who is specially challenged intervened to help but he was nasty and rude to him too. I told him to call the security but the staff did not ! Although then the crew intervened and apologised and said captain pls stop but this horrible person just did not ! I finally helped my friend and put him on the wheelchair as he was because of this situation very embarrassed and not felling well. I have complained to the guest relations head and awaiting a reply ! I DO DEMAND AN ACTION AGAINST THIS CAPTAIN ! Racism in my own country is bad but discrimination against the physically challenged is so inhumane, barbaric and atrocious. An extremely appalling, sad and grievous experience!

How dare an expat speaks and behaves with an Indian on Indian soil? What is the need for Jet airways to hire 100 expat pilots when there are enough experienced Indian pilots available? They are doing so under the garb of being equal opportunity employers. 

Should we tolerate a ridiculous and social racism type of behaviour from a foreigner who is working and earning in our country? Jet Airways should terminate this pilot immediately and announce concrete transition plan to replace all expat pilots with Indian pilots.Jai hind.

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