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Artistically valid photographs which are presented by professional fine art photographers on their pages is being reported as violations and resulting in week long bans for such photographers, while random people are being permitted to display "sexy" photos, not even their own work, of BLATANT sexual activity between adults.


 FB is responding to reports of the sort of image noted with this petition by informing those who report it that this is NOT a violation of "Nudity and Pornography" terms, while an artistically shot Pin-Up style photo of things like a woman sitting atop a restored WWII fighter bomber with only the HINT of a nipple showing when the photo is blown up large enough to pick it out is resulting in a week long ban without any specific reason being given to the photographer.


 Common sense seems to dictate that a logical standard needs to be specifically written and evenly enforced to replace this arbitrary nonsense, and when a ban is placed on someone a SPECIFIC reason should be given to the person being punished for violations.


Despite Facebook's claim that they are tolerant of "art", using the stereotypical David statue as their example, their continued banning of actual artists belies this claim, in stark contrast to their acceptance of much more sexually graphic images posted to the profiles of random people who make no claim to be artists, nor to appreciate anything artistic about such images, who seem to regularly get a "free pass" when doing so.


This simply makes no sense at all, and is inhibiting the work of real artists and photographers who are making valid use of Facebook in the course of their business.

Letter to
FaceBook Complaints Department / Management
Please set SPECIFIC and CONSISTENT Community Standards for Nudity and Pornography, and notify those being banned what their specific violation was with a particular photo.

We photographers are tired of not knowing if an artistically shot image we've created is going to get us in trouble or not, when we post it to our pages or profiles, while nonsense like this is being responded to as "acceptable" to those reporting such clear and blatant violations:

Too many of us are being plagued by "haters" who actively hunt for things in our work to report us for, and watching those haters rewarded when your employees ban us without so much as telling us what specifically our violation WAS. Meanwhile pages are permitted to exists on which people are posting unauthorized photos of their ex girlfriends in the nude, masturbating, etc, and when reported, the reporting persons are being told such pages / photos do NOT violate your Community Standards?!?

This level of hypocrisy is astounding, and cannot continue!

I implore you to please correct this problem, and review what is being "accepted" and "rejected" by those who are currently deciding on behalf of "FaceBook", what is or is not in violation of your conditions on such an obviously arbitrary level, and that when something is determined to be in violation, that the violating individual be informed of what SPECIFICALLY it is about the image in question that violated your conditions of posting images.

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