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See What *YOU* Want to See on Your Facebook Feed

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I use Facebook every day, and I bet you do too. Until this year, I didn't really care much what algorithms Facebook put in place to adjust my news feed, it pretty much stayed the same as it was and I didn't notice much difference.

Recently they rolled out the new "Explore Feed" function, which essentially gives you broader access to pages and people you don't already follow by matching things you have already liked/commented on with similar things. Awesome, right?

Except now your regular timeline, where you want to see your friends and family and the pages you like only shows you a sample of that, and most likely not the sample you want to see. Mine, right now, is ONLY showing updates from groups I am in and pages that I didn't even remember I followed, and the updates of one or two friends whom I rarely interact with.

Why does Facebook get to pick and choose what we see on our own timelines? Why is there not a group of settings where I can choose "Friends Only" or "Pages Only" without having to select who I want to see first out of my 700+ connections?

For your next trick, Facebook, can you stop force-feeding us what you think is important to us, and let us pick what we consume? Keep the "Explore Feed", but ditch the algorithm of what actually appears on our regular news feed.


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