SAVE our Electric Vehicle Charging Station...and SAVE our town!

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Spences Bridge has been given a great gift of an electric vehicle charging station!   They have now offered a second charging station.  For a small rural community of 150 people this is truly an economic, environmental gift from heaven!  Alas our local government, the Improvement District, has a paid, elected Chair, Michael Jefferson, who chooses to represent himself...not the people.  Michael does not live here!  He is only allowed to sit as Chair because he owns property in town. That property is currently FOR SALE!  

This gift does not cost the taxpayers one dime.  The Province has deemed Spences Bridge to be an important location on the Trans Canada Highway with electric vehicle traffic increasing at an accelerated rate.  It will be a "Game Changer" for our local businesses and our wonderful communities quality of life.

Spences Bridge has lost our RCMP, Gas Station, Steelhead Fishery, the list goes on....we have even actually Lost Our Bridge...seriously!  When one rises above the clouds of conflict and the skies are clear cooler heads prevail.  We hope and pray that you...the people....will help us all rise above the clouds and join us in this one small, but oh so important fight, for the survival of a proud rural community.  We have so much taketh away but we keep standing strong to fight another day.  This may not be our last fight but it is certainly the most important.  We have 6 days left to fight and fight we will.

On January 31st we will lose this once in a lifetime resource.                    SOS...Save Our Spences Bridge!  Please sign our petition