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Review photo/video reporting regulations on animal abuse.


It's not just Rats.. We've seen Rabbits, Dogs, Cats, Racoons, Squrriels...

We've seen an increasingly amount of animal abuse photos and videos circulating on Facebook and despite reporting it to Facebook, they do nothing and claimed that it DOES NOT violate their regulations! I am sure that many of us has faced that issue and feel helpless in those situations. Now you can make a difference.

After so much efforts in trying to get our voice heard, we can only hope that this petition would help us reach the relevant person in Facebook to review those changes:

We want FACEBOOK to review their video and photo reporting regulations on animal abuse and see that such photos and videos do not have a chance to circulate around. We don't want to see those and neither does our children.

Please help us sign this petition and pass it around. We can give those animals in need, a voice.

(Video that was not taken down after hundreds of reporting was done,

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Please review photo/video reporting regulations on animal abuse on Facebook.