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Return Kaybee's Stolen Facebook Pages!

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On April 7th, 2017, Kaybee Lea Bragg had her Facebook Account hacked by an unknown person despite numerous security measures that were in place on her account.

Image of the hacker trying to get her account before they finally got in

The hacker tried to then get additional information by messaging other people while in control of her account, and added a single friend. That new friend was promptly made an admin on some of her facebook pages, and proceeded to remove not only her from the Admin position on those pages, But also removed every other Admin and Editor roles on them as well and Unpublished them. She now has no access to her pages and is rightfully angry. She has since contacted Facebook on this matter and reported the profile of the "friend" that was added during this time, and their profile is removed. Nothing has been done concerning her pages, many of which were quite popular. There is no place where a ticket can be written to them that will fit, and their reporting options are severely lacking.

The pages in question are as follows:

Her well-known page with over 2 million likes!

They have already changed the names of two of the Pages.

Facebook should have the information as to when the hacker removed her and the other Admins from this date and be able to re-instate ownership of them to her.

She has more proof than what has been shown here to show Facebook, should they show an interest and ask.

Please help prove to her and others that the legitimate Members of Facebook have more Rights than the hackers do. Give her back her pages!

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