Require ID to set up social media profiles for accountability

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The recent and tragic death of Caroline Flack has highlighted an issue that has been spoken about, cried about and challenged by 1000s online - the abuse, harassment and bullying that social media gives rise to. 

There are many reasons behind closed doors for suicides such as Mike Thalassitis and Sophie Gradon that we will never know but what we do know is that online abuse is at its highest and most definitely a factor with various news outlets shouting about links between social media and suicide with Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson opening up about online abuse in 2019 documentary Odd One Out.

Whilst Carolines friend challenges the freedom of the press Anna Mathur discusses how the media wouldn’t write such things of the click responses weren’t so high and Megan Rose Lane has touched on how to pour hate you must be filled with it and that needs help. 

A huge problem we have with social media is accountability. People set up fake accounts and can say whatever they like. I have personally have received racist, ableist and abusive messages from hundreds of fake accounts leaving me with the hurt from the words but nobody accountable for them.

We cannot fix the world but what we can do is protect our children, our friends and our family from people who will send anonymous abuse that causes the harm without any repercussions. 

It is a drop in the ocean but I believe that if people were unable to hide behind fake accounts, many of them would not send the abuse in the first place for risk of losing their job and being seen for their real thoughts by friends and family. 

When I received online abuse I confided in another person who has a large social media account who I knew had been broken by attacks from fake profiles and was told they won’t listen to us, we’ll look like idiots because they’ll win - well let’s try anyway! Let’s make kindness win instead! We can’t keep losing people, adults and children, from online abuse!