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Report FB pages that degrade women/girls, treat them as objects, and change the mentality!

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Note: Apart from signing, please also report the pages mentioned below the main text, as mass reporting will help in banning them.

We live in a social order that is badly in need of equality – and this appears to be the case online, too. You might have come across a host of pages on Facebook that continue to keep inequality alive by spreading messages of hate and violence that target women.

If you pause for a moment and think, it will strike you that you would have seen at least a dozen such pages: pages that post pictures of innocent young girls and women as part of their “meme” culture, pictures that shame young women and girls for what they wear, pictures that bring a woman’s character into question when there is neither reason nor any business to.

This, plain and simple, is cyber bullying, harassment and obscenity. There are many legislative provisions that address this, and yet, these pages continue to exist. When asked, the administrators of such pages are either (a) reluctant to engage and stop this, or (b) abusive and block the one making the request to end this, or (c) aggravated to continue in a more aggressive fashion

Such pages perpetuate a very dangerous set of thoughts: that women are no better than chattel, that women can be treated as objects, that women are not deserving of respect.
Few such pages were shut down by Facebook, but were reinstated, or were replaced with new pages that were developed by the same administrators.
This petition seeks to approach Facebook with a request to add a profanity filter that examines pages for content that target women and girls unfairly, and normalizes violence, objectification, abuse and harassment of women.
Some of these pages are listed below. Please sign this petition and report the pages below. To report, you can click on the link of the page(s) below, and use the more option->report->for harassment. If you have more pages to add to this list, please comment below with the links to these pages.


PS: When these pages are reported, Facebook replies with a standard reply,"... these pages are not against our 'community standards'."

We need work together to make them realise the seriousness of the situation.


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