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Removing quint neon's page for fake reporting and threatening the life of omprakash mishra

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I am writing this to  make my stance on one of quint neon reports made by its journalist and that is 'bol na omprakash ayu Kya, wat main lagayu kya.' While I fully support the incentives behind making this video I can't understand their double standards. As many people have said why don't they go against people like ed Sheeran, Badshah, lil Wayne and many more. When they make songs like bitch be humble or baby ko bass pasand hai, people merely don't give a shit and enjoy them. I would like to quote a video made by raftaar " everyone in this world wants to rise." Let me ask the quint employees, do you go to clubs and ask them to play patriotic songs or do you ask them to play full club songs. I remind this to you that the 80% of club songs devalue women. If the quint neon doesn't  have any problem with that why omprakash mishra. Omprakash mishra didn't use any big banner neither did he use any recording studio neither did he promote his video. It was all the teenagers, the youth who promoted it and I have myself seen many girls listening to it and laughing and enjoying. I am not saying that the song is right or the motives behind it are correct but why do double standards. Ed Sheeran's shape of you has lines like "last night you were in my bed, and now my bedsheet smells like you." Why doesnt quint neon try and get that reported. The song I don't fuck with you, why not get that reported. Why id the quint neon trying to make fun of only one person. If you want to have equal rights for women in songs then why DOESN'T quint neon REPORT EACH AND EVERY BAD SONG. I'll tell you why, because they are scared. They are scared of big banners and big artists. In all I am not saying what they did was wrong, but they have shown double standards and that's very sad. Hence I would like each and every person, who supports or not supports omprakash mishra to sign this petition and make quint neon pay for its double standards. Hence I demand Facebook to delete quint neons page. 

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