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Facebook: Remove the Pages, "Fuck Israel" and "Fuck Islam"

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In America, we treasure Freedom of Speech....but not when it's Hate Speech.

Facebook’s Terms of Service prohibit content that is “hateful, threatening,” or contains “graphic or gratuitous violence”. Moreover, users are specifically barred from posting content that aims to “bully, intimidate, or harass” any user. And that is exactly what pages like "Fuck Israel" and "Fuck Islam do. In addition to their offensive names, they are covered in offensive, false content, targeting, intimidating and slanderously disgracing the state of Israel and her people and people of the Islamic faith. 

Facebook could and should do more to stop pages like "Fuck Israel"  and "Fuck Islam" from showing up on its database and should quickly remove those that do exist. First, Facebook needs to clarify that pages that encourage or condone Hate Speech --like "Fuck Israel" and "Fuck Islam" -- are in violation of their existing standards. Secondly, Facebook should release a statement saying that all pages that are covered Hate Speech and Death Threats will be immediately taken down upon being reported. Finally, Facebook must include specific language in their Terms of Service that make it clear that pages promoting any form of Hate Speech will be banned.

Demand that Facebook took a stronger stand in enforcing its own policies and stop promoting Hate Speech and do everything in it's power to create an online community dedicated to making the world a better place, not to tearing apart one that is already fragmented.

 The importance of this Petition is that we're asking for the removal of both pages. If we can't join together to erase lies, threats, and donwright dirty language, how can we ever join together to create a world of Peace and Equality for all? 

Do you part, not only as a supporter of Israel or a Muslim, but a Supporter of Peace in this world. Sign this petition. 


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