Remove the page titled "Cancer is funny because people die"

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Last night a page was created titled "Cancer is funny because people die" - I found out about this from a friend on Facebook encouraging everyone to report the page - finding and then reading the material on this page was truly disgusting and of course I reported it, however this morning I received a message from Facebook stating that the page had not been removed. After reporting the page several more times Facebook still won't remove this horrible page.  As a result I have started this petition in order to show Facebook how distressing this page is to its members. 

 In one post this cowardly troll states he wishes that the courageous young girl Adalia Rose who has a condition of progeria "premature aging" would die so that he could "masturbate and cum over her corpse" - this post, a disgusting and sickening statement against such a strong young girl - it is obvious that this disgusting troll is actively trying to offend people. How could he go so low to write about such a young inspirational girl?

 I myself have had a personal experience with Cancer, my paternal grandpa was diagnosed with cancer about 8 years ago and has been fighting strong and my maternal grandma, who I never had the chance to meet, passed away from cancer.  Cancer will affect one in three of us - it has affected me by taking away one of my grandparents who I am told was a beautiful caring woman and will undoubtedly take away my grandpa from us - Cancer is NOT funny because people die. Cancer is a horrible disease that can destroy families and take away those who we love prematurely - who’s lives should have been longer and more fulfilled - this troll shows no respect for those with cancer and the families, friends, colleagues and peers it affects.

 What is more chilling and repulsive of this troll is that he is targeting young children with cancer - in one post he encourages people to sing a song to a "little girl with cancer" - "SING THIS TO A LITTLE GIRL WITH CANCER

 Hey baldy baldy over there

What's it like to have no hair

 Is it hot or is it cold

Whats it like to be so bald

 Lying there in your bed

Soon enough you will be dead

 Look in the mirror you ugly bald freak

I see tears roll down your cheek"

 In recent events with the passing of the brave inspiritaional young man Stephen Sutton you would expect peopleto have a greater understanding and respect for those people suffering with Cancer.  I beg you, please support this petition as this sort of sickening behaviour needs to be stamped out as soon as possible -  I would also like to encourage the use of this hashtag to spread the awareness of this petition #cancerisNOTfunny

 Thank You in anticipation.

 Joe W

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