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Remove the page Heterosexual Awareness Month from Facebook.

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*I believe everyone has free speech and it is their right.  Promoting violence against someone though is not in the terms of free speech.  You can believe as you wish but when it comes to promoting violence towards another human life it becomes out of the scope of that freedom.

The page heterosexual awareness month is a hate page created against the LGBT community. It promotes violence against the LGBT community. It uses wording that Facebook will not remove as hate speech but if anyone takes the time to read the photos and posts it is clear the wording is directed purely in hate. Thousands have reported this page but Facebook will not remove the page content since it automatically decides what hate is and does not read the photos or logically understands the wording. Promoting violence, hate, and wording based on sexual orientation is against the Community Standards for Facebook. We want to get this page removed for the violations.
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Who is the owner of the the page?

Heterosexual Awareness Month on the radio.

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