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Remove the autoban feature from Facebook

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The western world is taboo about nudity and explicit content. There is no problem with this and it is understandable that a lot of people could get offended from certain images being broadly posted on social media, however the context in which these images are shared has a lot to do with its intended meaning. This is also a topic which a bot cannot understand. There are private and secret groups on Facebook in which content is shared among like individuals, breast cancer awareness and other medical contexts in which nudity may be shared. (For educational purposes of course) As well as art which can contain nudity. Many artists also host and network their work to their fan base through Facebook where this feature can be detrimental to their careers. This sensors self expression and art. Another issue is a bigger woman taking a selfie with cleavage showing. So all of her pictures will be taken down, and potentially her account banned simply because of her body shape? 

This needs to stop. We need our freedom of speech back. Things that are offensives gets reported by someone. If no one reports it then maybe they are not offended. We need to stop trying to leave everything to a machine and we need real people dealing with these situations. A machine can't understand the full context of a post in a private group setting, or educational. 

The situation is well explained in this article by Quartz; Why Getting Banned is Professionally Devastating .

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