Remove School Shooting Hoax Pages from Facebook and Twitter

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We're asking Facebook and Twitter (two San Francisco Bay Area companies) to decide what side of history they'd like to stand on.  They have created platforms that have connected us in ways never before possible, but have opened a Pandora's box that needs some attention.  

Unfortunately, mentally unfit individuals have used the platform to create pages that claim school shootings are merely hoaxes, perpetrated by deep state actors.  Rationality or facts do not exist with these individuals and today's social media environment has given them a platform to spread their conspiracy theories to others.  These individuals and their followers have threatened victims families with death threats and more, and Facebook and Twitter are giving them the platform to do so.  Pages like Sandy Hook Hoak have over 14k followers and growing.  Where there's a weed in the garden, you have to know when to pluck it out before it takes over. 

Freedom of speech is one thing, but when a parent loses a child, and you're a social media platform that makes money off of individuals using your platform, you have to play the role of policing these pages.  You as an individual working for Facebook or Twitter have to decide if giving this irrational thought spreads hate and false news? ...or helps to bring our society back together?

Facebook and Twitter also need to realize that ads are running on these pages, and they are literally making money off the deaths of children.  

So please sign this petition and help us to bring attention to these two social media giants.  Very good people work at both organizations, and for a company that is worth billions... it's time that they start weeding the garden of pages that promote hate, fear, and pain for victims of tragedies.  We believe they can do it, and make the future a bit brighter for us all in the long run.