Remove "Kill ALL The Wolves" From Facebook

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The page "Kill ALL The Wolves" on Facebook is promoting animal cruelty and the mass killing of wolves. Essentially, they are promoting genocide when they say "Kill every last worthless vermin wolf!" Their goal is obviously to exterminate them, and doing so would be illegal and morally unsound. The environment will take a serious beating if that happens. These people must not be allowed to continue promoting this, and other pages with similar goals should be removed too. Most, if not all, of the pictures they post, are extremely graphic and disturbing. Also, the admins of the page are extremely disrespectful to anyone who disagrees with their views on the mass killing of wolves.

The online reporting option to report a page for removal did not work. The report was listed different times under "Graphic Violence" and "Violence and Harmful Behavior", and both times the response received was that the page contained no such thing. 

We ask that this page is removed from Facebook permanently, as well as the other pages that are similar. We also ask that Facebook considers its current policies and blocks any future groups or pages from forming that are there to promote animal cruelty.


The page can be viewed here:

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