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Remove Animal Haters from using Facebook

At present we have animal hater groups posting sickening photographs of animal abuse and finding it amusing, with comments to animal lovers.

I myself looked at a site called WE HATE is that a sign to stop these idiots using FB....I keep on saying...If you do not like animals...fine....just leave them alone......they are not hurting you.

Today there are two chinese sites......I thought FB did not allow bad language....The other site I saw this week which actually showed foxes shot dead and then the haters removing the bullets from the dead animals....I agree making people aware of abuse but not when it comes from animal haters....get rid..xx


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Remove Animal Haters from using Facebook.
Do me a favour guys....please go on to We hate dogs and tell me if that is what you want on FB....xx

If FB find people who use material like music or are swearing you are removed.. surely the names of some of these groups like WE HATE ANIMALS...speak for themselves........Advertising the sale of "skinned dogs props"for Halloween....which I got removed from E bay...but were advertising on FB..