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Remove a public post from Ukachukwu Anokuru's Facebook page in which he describes from experience how to molest a child bride. Contact the proper authorities regarding post.

On September 10, 2013 Ukachukwa Anokuru publicly posted from his Facebook profile page a share in which he states 

"yes we all vent anger and frustration no doubt,that's ok.But we must realise that we still cannot stop this practice.In order to save the lives of future victims,we should educate the men on how to do it.If that Yemeni child husband had rubbed his limp penis(I don't know if it's the same with uncircumcised men)up and down the little girls vagina,he would have ejaculated within 15-20 seconds.Wipe her clean with tissue or clean cloth she wears back her panties and runs along to play,she would certainly have been alife today,safe,healthy, all forgotten.Nature permits this than Obama's man marry man legality.I am talking from experience,I am not a hypocrite.Child sex,if done well is even safer and sweeter than adult sex.No injury,no pregnancy,nothing.The Yemeni bride was not ready for penetration and her husband must be arrested for murder.He is a mad man.How can he seek to enter a child sexually,instead of standing up the moment he notices that he has become erect."

Facebook has yet to remove the post even though numerous amounts of people have reported it. All reports have coming back that the post doesn't violate Facebook terms. Not only does the post need to be removed, it needs to be reported to the proper authorities. The post has sat for 4 days now with no action on FB's side.

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