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Reinstate the Facebook page "Quote Central"

This is important because we have spent over a year working very hard to build Quotes Central, we made it all the way to 472,000 likes before they pulled the plug on us. Quotes Central is a place where people have come for many different reasons, depressed, happy, sad, and all walks of life, we have tried our best to please everyone and respond to all requests. When I started Quotes Central a year ago, I was depressed myself. I had just lost my job and my life just wasn’t good at that time, I used quotes as a way to pull myself out of that funk. That’s when I made Quotes Central, the impact that quotes made on my life from coming out of depression and going back to college has changed me. I am now asking for your help to have Facebook reinstate our page. It would be a shame to keep this page unpublished when it brings a sense of inspiration to many other people.

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