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DM Murdock (aka Acharya S.) is known for pushing the limit by challenging the strong-hold some religions have over societies all over the world. Acharya is ahead of her time with her research and is being punished for her passion of making the world a better place for the objectified and abused women who do not have a voice. We started this petition because we believe we need voices like Acharya's to help shed light on the world's atrocities. Tuning out her voice is censorship.

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Letter to
Director of Policy Richard Allan
Facebook Disabled Accounts Decision Maker
Facebook Abuse Department Decision Maker
and 2 others
Facebook Appeals Department Decision Maker
Facebook Legal Team
We implore you to reinstate DM Murdock's (aka Acharya S) Facebook Pages. Her pages are important because her contributions help to spread awareness of social issues, abuses and atrocities around the world - critical in initiating change for the better. She is a protector of women and children's rights and her voice is essential. Her contributions and the issue at hand can be read about at-length at:

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