Ban face altering effects from Instagram

Ban face altering effects from Instagram

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Ella Cardinali started this petition to Facebook

In 2019, Instagram banned 'cosmetic surgery' filters. But now, Instagram is increasingly adding user-generated facial filters to the app. 

Some of these filters alter your face shape;

  • plumping your lips
  • reducing the size of your nose
  • applying makeup
  • changing eye colour
  • making cheekbones more prominent
  • filling in eyebrows
  • removing blemishes etc... 
  • To have an Instagram account you have to be just 13 years old. 

These filters can be accessed by anyone using the app and it is completely altering the shape and size of peoples faces. It's setting unrealistic and intangible goals; my face isn't going to look like that unless I have plastic surgery. 

There are currently no regulations on these filters. New ones are still being created by users despite a ban back in October 2019... 

This is going to lead to body dysmorphia, poor mental health, idealisation of plastic surgery and body related anxieties. 

Imagine growing up constantly being able to change your face? The long term impacts of this are going to be felt most by younger girls and boys growing up in a world of consistent comparison. So many studies suggest that social media can negatively effect your mental health. 

The findings of a small study commissioned by Anxiety UK supported this idea and found evidence of social media feeding anxiety and increasing feelings of inadequacy.

The unrealistic expectations set by social media may leave young people with feelings of self-consciousness, low self-esteem and the pursuit of perfectionism which can manifest as anxiety disorders.

The NSPCC says there is currently no common set of child safety rules or laws that social media sites have to follow. Each site gets to decide what steps they take to keep children safe.

I'm calling for a complete BAN ON INSTAGRAM PLASTIC SURGERY FILTERS and the regulation of the use of Augmented Reality (software that changes the shape / size of your features) filters. 

Instagram is being used as a platform by so many to promote healthy body image - yet the app itself is going against all this work. 

Ban the filters and instead lets build people up! 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
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