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Hello and thank you for clicking to know more about our critical problem!

My name is Deena Abdelwahed @deena0deena , Tunisian electronic music producer and DJ. In end of May 2020 my personal Facebook account and Instagram account got deactivated by Facebook with no further notice and NO VALID REASON and for good. Due to an investigation led by DFRLab, that has nothing to do with the cultural sector, Facebook deactivated many other Tunisian users, pages and groups, among them, journalistes, human rights activists, artists and event promoters.

Thanks to @IWatchTN and @accessnow, ONLY journalists and activists had their accounts reactivated by Facebook. Artists and promoters are still struggling, though! We all know that social media is ESSENTIAL to promote art and cultural happenings: yet, affected Tunisian music artists are banned from promoting their music and touring dates and interacting with their fans. Affected event promoters are banned to work on public outreach and publicity, contact with artists and service providers became harder and community management is impossible!

Please read this amazing article on Foundation Mozilla, written by Leil Zahra, for more details: HERE

Economically, like all business sectors, COVID-19 already seriously did a lot of harm. Facebook made it even harder.

With some help I tried to reach Facebook administration and they didn't give any response, only that their decision is final. My Instagram account was super close to 10K followers: All gone, because whenever I create a new account with the username "Deena Abdelwahed", Facebook deactivate it. I tried this 5 times. Other fellow Tunisian artists had the same problem with Facebook Pages.

Thank your for your time and energy!