Putting an END to Social Media bully Nikocado Avocado.

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It should come as no surprise that lately the internet has gotten out of control. What started off as a simple social network quickly grew into our instagrams and YouTube's, where normal people were free to create and be creators of whatever content they so chose. Now....that has changed. We are seeing an alarming rate of "creators" abusing their positions. Creating false narratives, faking kidnappings, and even faking mental illnesses which is in itself...detrimental. Especially to those who watch these kinds of disasters. Nikocado Avocado is such creator.

Nikocado has increasingly become a top level narcissist who feeds off of his fans emotions as he drags them along his charade of nonsense. Pretending to have mental breakdowns, divorces, suicidal intentions and even disrespecting the deceased i.e. Kobe Bryant. He continues to display manic behaviour all the while claiming his channel is "kid friendly." This is both dangerous and incredibly irresponsible. Nikocado Avocado must be held responsible and removed from his platform to insure that he cannot continue spreading this kind of behavior as the norm. It is time to take a stand not only against creators such as Nik, but others like him. I hope you will join me in taking back social media and making it once again a safe place by signing this petition.