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We've got a Nationwide Bullying problem , kids are dying from this ! My name is Paige Norris , I'm 14 years old and attend Rolling Hills Middle school , Byesville , Ohio . My brother and I've both been on the receiving end of bullying , and everyday I witness It , the policies need to change at Schools . We need a Zero policy on bullying , warned 1 time , and then permanent ban from school . So many are afraid to stick up for the kid being bullied (fear that they'll be next ) . I've been taught to stand up for them , be a friend to them , tell adults . Words can hurt deeply , as much as being hit . Many suffer in silence , in fear , that It will get 10 times worse . Social Media has made it even worse , because the child being bullied is exposed 24/7 . I've written my State Representatives , Congressman and Governor In my State , My goal is to be a friend , to never harm with words . I am hoping to get a Million signatures to send to Washington DC  and to set a date for a local , State and hopefully Nationwide March ! Thank you , Please sign and share 

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