Protect Sex Education on Instagram

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Recent changes to Instagram's content policy have directly targeted accounts focused on spreading positive messages about sex.

Images containing no nudity but with captions focused on sexual wellness and sex education are getting flagged and removed. Accounts owned by those pushing this content are getting banned and deleted. 

The New Society for Wellness (NSFW), a spiritual community focused on spreading consent culture and providing education on sex and relationships has repeatedly been the target of Instagram's prudish stance on sexuality.

We are currently banned on the platform for promoting a workshop on understanding female pleasure.

We believe we need to come together to protect what we consider "Love Speech" and that this is a First Rights issue which shouldn't be ignored. 

Instagram allows bigots and misogynist to flourish, but constantly puts restrictions on loving, meaningful sexual experiences and education. This is wrong. 



There is no question that America is currently in a bit of sexual turmoil.

Sex is on a decline, education in schools ignores sexualities that aren't straight, pornography is currently how most people learn about sex, pussy grabbing has become Presidential, #MeToo has left millions questioning their approach to consent, and a growing incel culture is making murderers out of sexually frustrated men.

Our country is in desperate need of a sexual revolution. 

Our country is in desperate need for change. 

NSFW is one of the fastest growing organizations dedicated to spreading consent culture. We are opening the dialog around sex, providing thousands of members and the millions of people who connect to our articles and social posts with education focused on helping them lead healthier, happier and more consensual sex lives. 

Social media is an invaluable tool that allows us to connect this sex positive message to others. Without Instagram, we're unable to reach the people suffering most due to miseducation and lack of acceptance.

We believe that without the education we provide, people will continue to find themselves disconnected. It's important that Americans know that there is an alternative to the sad and sometimes depressing existence which comes being unable to connect emotionally and sexually to others. Thousands have already been helped because of the New Society for Wellness and we believe more can. 

If you think that Facebook should modify their content rules and protect sex education on their platforms, including Instagram, please sign this petition.

We are asking for Instagram to bring sex educators to the table, to allow our voices to be part of the solution, and to protect sex education on the world's largest social network.