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Protect artists and photographers from having images removed and accounts frozen out of 'spite', due to illegitimate reporting of "offensive images".

Several artists. photographers and models have had tame and completely decent images (many of which were amazing works of art and not in the least bit offensive) removed and have been locked out of their Facebook accounts due to illegitimate reporting. Often times, an image is reported as 'offensive' or 'pornographic' by someone who may be acting out of spite to harm the reputation or career of the artist. We are asking that Facebook revise its Community Standards and its reporting process to address the possibility of an illegitimate or spiteful report of abuse. There should be better checks and balances used to ensure that the image reported was indeed offensive. Considering that people have the ability to 'hide' from their timelines, and to 'unfriend' or 'unlike' people or pages, it is not fair to the artists to be unjustly penalized out of possibly spiteful and insincere claims of offense.

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