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Poverty, Education's Biggest enemy

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Economic growth has gone through boom and negative cycles due to severe problems in our society. As we all know, Philippines is one of the poorest country in the world but why does this kind of thing happen? is it because of equality and not possessing the morals of equity? or is it because of having poor educational attainments. There are many factors why poverty is very much rampant in our country and we might be one of the causes why it happens.

One of the major causes of poverty are inequalities between the rich and the poor. This is where income inequality or wealth gap comes in. where in the rich kept on receiving greater income which is a big step ahead to social status development while the poor receives lesser income to be able to sustain and provide their daily needs in our society we have a cycle which explains why there is always a big hindrance in economic growth and development. For example, a poor family has a child and cannot afford to have a good quality education while a rich family was able to afford it. The rich would be able to have a great image in social and economic status while the poor would stay in place having less and this would go on and on

Many people believe that education is the key factor to reduce and prevent the high rate of poverty. if you have the knowledge and capabilities then you would be able to survive in this cruel community that is why people are now starting to realize the importance and benefits of having good education and are investing in it significantly. Education comes in handy with our health. Preventing children or students of having HIV or AIDS with the use of proper education. it also increases a persons knowledge of how to live a healthy lifestyle, vaccines, food and nutrition.

Education helps in creating more people ready for work. More workers in a country or community means that the unemployed people will lessen and by employing more people and making them the future employers means that our poverty rate would naturally decrease. Education also helps in motivating people to work hard and increase the illiteracy rate that would drastically improve our economic development. Therefore, education will be able to break the cycle of poverty not only in the philippines but also in other countries who was experiencing the same thing.



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