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Facebook: Please Stop Charge's to create Ad's or Promote on ANY advocating or cause page.

Until your life has been touched/ traumatized or destroyed by cancer, it's probably hard for you to really see why I'm passionate about this, I created my son's Cause page September 2012, to gather friends/family to follow my son's fight for his life over the next 3 1/2 years with T-Cell ALL (Acute lymphoblastic Leukemia) As time went on Facebook would ask you to promote your page to get more likes. (Essentially to reach more people around the world about your cause, and advocating, here --- Pay for it, or tough COOKIE! Why?)

I hope Facebook like any other social media would come together and understand the importance of advocating for a cause, and CANCER is killing us all.. for once let's not rake in money just to inspire, advocate, educate others through people who are sharing their journey fighting for their life..

Please spread this around facebook or OTHER social media websites..

Two options I see working is..
1. Not charge a dime to give equal advertising to gain more likes, (to advocate and educate) one person at a time about childhood cancer *in our case*

2. Any such charges, allow those of us to have Facebook DONATE their profits to a cause the person see's fit. for example: I would choose

Please and Thank you,

Mommy Evangeline
My Son's Journey fighting Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

Facebook Cause Page:

Skyler's Journey with TCell ALL Leukemia.

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