Please remove Catherine Deveny's ability to denigrate defence personnel on social media.

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Catherine Deveny is a self proclaimed comedian and writer with a history of making denigrating remarks about veterans and the veteran community. It is not the first time Catherine has made highly controversial remarks having previously remarked that a then 11 year old Bindi Irwin hopefully "gets laid". 

Catherine seems to be rejoicing in her newfound stardom and continues to utilise Facebook as a platform to belittle and run down the service of veterans. The veteran community exists with fragility already and I can imagine the continual remarks cause heartache for veterans and their families. 

Unfortunately Catherines remarks have drawn the ire of some people and a number of comments on her page are of a bullying and offensive nature, this isn't something that I support and it seems to play into the divide that Catherine seeks to profiteer from. 

Catherine was invited to explain her remarks on a national radio show and replied to producers with a quote for her services being $500 per 5 minutes with a minimum of 20 minutes. It is clear from this that much of the motivation for Catherines controversial views is purely financial as she seeks to profiteer from her recent remarks. 

If Catherine were to make intelligible and well thought out remarks with her opinion minus the continual degradation and foul language it would not cause the issues that it continues to. At current her page is becoming a cess pool for horrid remarks and continued bullying. 

When posed with a legitimate and kindly worded comment from myself Catherine chose to remove my ability to post on her public page, she has no rebuttal for genuine insight. If Catherine does not wish for the veteran community to be able to defend themselves against her horrid remarks why should she continue to be granted a platform to broadcast them? 

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