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Facebook: Please Reconsider Sponsored Post Fees for Struggling Artist Pages

Facebook needs to make a distinction between BANDS and BRANDS, and eliminate the Sponsored Posts required of band pages in particular. Bands are not brands. The vast majority of bands cannot afford the fees for Sponsored Posts, fees that are no big deal for brands like Pepsi or Doritos. At the same time, bands attract people to use Facebook—users who can see brand advertisements in the Sponsored Posts and become consumers. By requiring steep fees of bands, Facebook is hurting a group who generates site use, advertisement exposure, and cold, hard revenue. Bands are categorically different than brands, and Facebook needs to differentiate the requirements for Sponsored Posts on band pages. Eliminate the fees for Sponsored Posts on band pages!

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Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook Facebook
Stop charging musicians for sponsored posts. The music industry has not recovered from the advent of the digital age. There is less and less money for artists with each new day. Facebook's sponsored posts for a fee have severely limited the means by which musicians can communicate with their fanbase. There needs to be a distinction between bands and brands. The pay option for sponsored posts needs to be eliminated for artist/musician/band pages.