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Petition to have every racist 'tag a friend who will marry her' posts on fb taken down

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Hello everyone, I have recently encountered posts on Facebook that are not only racist and sexist but also really ignorant. I am 19 year old who just graduated from highschool and I have been bullied in the past for being fat and "ugly" and so has been my sister for her outer appearance. These posts usually ask you to tag a friend, mostly with a Popular name or surname and tell them to marry , mostly a girl, who has dark skin and not the skinniest person you will see. They make fun of people who have inherited these characters which, us indians find funny and unappealing. And the fact that we live in a world where we come across different kind of people, with different skin tone and shape, it's really shameful to poke fun at someone who looks different than you. If a girl or a guy comes across such a post who is insecure about his/her body and the way his/her body looks, it would have a very negative impact on him/her. I could go on and on about how beauty goes deeper than the surface and I think it's just sick to make fun of people on such large social media platform that is accessed by millions of people in a day . And wouldn't it be stupid and wrong to think that all the people who use the facebook are skinny, fair skinned and if not they aren't datable? These post support the idea that you need to look a certain way in order to get accepted by the mass. And these post usually have following:

1. A black man or a black woman

2. A fat black man or a fat black woman

3. A transgender person

I hope and pray that people understand how important it is to have them taken down because they support racism.

Thank you

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