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A very emotional day in court last Friday, 7th of July 2017. I haven't stopped crying, they wanted to destroy my dog. I have had a complaint from a neighbour by the police that my dog is out of control and that he's dangerous. And that Box has attacked a neighbour and it's now gone to court.This is false and people like to cause trouble in my street and also causing my family a lot of heartache. It's like nightmare neighbours. He's my baby boy and if he's actually bitten someone I'd be the first to put him a sleep and accept it but he hasn't attacked or bitten anyone and isn't a dangerous dog, he's the softest most loving dog. There is no evidence or any medical records that my dog has done any harm to anyone and I'll be going back to trail in 4 weeks time and it's going to be 50/50 chance whether I can save my baby boy. I had a warrant from the police on April 29th for Box to be taken away to be assessed, and i haven't seen Box since. The police will not give me any info as to where Box is kept. It's heartbraking. The warrant stated - 'dangerous dog by breed'. Box is a 2 year old staffy and he's not dangerous at all. He isn't a pitbull and that's been cleared by the police from the tests' and measurements. People are giving the Staffordshire bull terrier breed a bad name. My dog is my world and I'm an animal lover. I have a 6 year old son too who misses Box terrible. Please could you sign this petition as this is outrageous. I haven't had my dog since April 29th. This has been dragged out for too long with false allegations. I never beg but I'm gonna beg now please. This is causing me and my family so much pain.

Thank you all for you support,

Zoe x

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