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Petitioning Facebook Page: Just the Tip, of the Spear

Take down USMC Facebook Page that advocates for violence against women

The language being used on this Facebook page, Just the Tip, of the Spear, in response to provocative photos of women is enforcing gender norms of women's domesticity and submissiveness as well as advocates violence against women in the form on online harassment. The page also advocates physical violence against one woman, posting her photo with the comment "rip her a new asshole."
The message that this page presents is prompting misogyny and the belittlement of women. It is disgraceful to see the Military men and women, who represent our nation, participate in acting violent towards women. I am not proud of these participating service men or women because of the abusive and misogynistic language they use against other Military women or their families.

I also want to clarify, that the women who have chosen or not chosen, for that matter, to be in these photos are not to blame.

Here is an example of one of their misogynistic posts...
"To those that remain, I commend you on not being a bunch of whiny pussies, and for directing adequate amounts of hatred and butt hurt to those who needed it.
And no, we will not remove the picture of your sister/daughter/mom/girlfriend/classmate/best friend/$12 hooker. "

These women who have had their photos posted, possibly without their consent, are being degraded online by both men and women who comment with language that is offensive and promotes violence.
Thank you to those service men and women who have not participated in perpetuating this sort of behavior and attitude.

Please sign this petition to have this Facebook page removed, and report it via Facebook if you can.

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