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Because it is doing free propaganda of undirect homophobia.

Letter to
Facebook page «Heterosexual Awareness Month organization»
Hello Facebook Reporting Administration,

I would like to report once again the page ««Heterosexual Awareness Month organization» because it is doing free propaganda of undirect homophobia.

This organisation is clearly not defending heteosexuals but attacking homosexual people.

Messages such as: «Heteosexual couples don't make you vomit a little bit in your mouth when you see them kiss» or «Hetero marriages cause fewer earthquakes.» are completly abberant and disinforming people about homosexuality.

Many people have reported the page but the social network responded that «it did not show any hate speech».

Many people have already reported the page but many of them were blocked from the page for expressing their opinion and defending their pride and experience of hetero/homosexuality. Some people report also receiving hate inbox messages from the admin about their comments on the page.

We are not defending people who go into disrespect to people on this page such as insults and «hoping their whole family gets cancer». We want them to stop attacking and showing such hate to homosexuality.

Thank you for taking time to read and understand the hate in the mentions of this facebook page.

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