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Option to Limit News feeds Make FB less loud & more discrete more relevant & pleasing.

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1. You just made a very silly(but something u loved to) comment.(maybe u called him/her a ****head on ur friend's new profile pic. Your friend doesn't mind at all. Youre close :). But the moment u comment ****head facebook puts it into the newsfeed of every dames person on ur friend list. Your boss your employee, your dad, your mom your girlfriend, your driver, your teacher, your grandmom, granddad. Just anybody on ur friend list is immediately show u made this comment.

2. Your friend loves to argue. He calls u ****ass. Now facebook notifies each and every 1 on his friend list. Now you can't stay still can u? U say something in reply and soon its a comment war that both of u are obviously enjoying. but well your friends on facebook on the other hand are not.

You are effectively spamming their newsfeed with something that they are least interested in. Something that has irritated them to the point they have to do something about it.


They have an option to hide from their feeds. But very few people really know that. And moreover if u are someone who keeps liking posts and keeps commenting every now and then, It's obvious that you have become a nuisance in their facebook life.

The option available to them would be to unfollow u. Or worse block u.

Meaning when u put up something that u actually want to share they will never see it in their feeds because they have either unfollow u or blocked u.

3. Even if u are not an avid user how does it feel to think that at every like or comment u make on facebook you have to keep it will pop up in feed each and every of all the thousand and odd friends on facebook. How comfortable and how encouraging is that????


4. Facebook really needs to give options to disable ur likes and comments to appear on news feeds of ur friends.

Also it needs to give option for us to control our news feed as well.

(I am at this point only talking about appearance in newsfeed. If your friends do chance upon the post they will be free to view or not view the post and comments and likes in accordance to the privacy set by the publisher of the post. This request is just to prevent you from involuntarily feeding every single friend of yours from very single like or comment u make)

Both of which are extremely necessary to make facebook more relevant, less noisy and more enjoyable.

5. If u are a regular facebook user u know that what we are asking is something really basic. It is not exactly about privacy.(that is the sole property of the person who put up the lost) It is about being quiet and still be able to share things without disturbing them 

"I like this. I like that. I think this is what is it is. See what I have commented on this"

All the time.

If you think this makes sense and will help make facebook more quiet, more calm and enjoyable. Please sign my petition 

No this is something that's relevant to each one of us. Let's make this our petition and let us get every friend of ours to sign this so that we can enjoy facebook more pleasurably without disturbing each other all the time.

Thank you

Sachin H J

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