One step closer to reducing suicide deaths

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Hi my name is Maddy Pearson and I'm writing this petition to hopefully gain more awareness on Australias mental health plan and to increase the government/medicare subsidised sessions. Before i go into all of that i just wanted to share with you my story. 

On the 21st of April, 2018 I tried to commit suicide by driving my car into a tree after years of battling my own issues and feeling like no one was there to help me or could help me, that this was the only option. But lucky enough for me my attempt did not work and im still here walking, talking and living my life but one of the main reasons for this is i was put onto a mental health plan the morning i woke up from my crash and have been on it ever since and i could not see my life with out my counsellor now, she is one of my best friends and has helped me grow so much as a person and battle what was once my darkest days and i know alot of other people in similar situations would agree with me there! 

Australias Mental health plan currently gives you 10 subsidised sessions with a counsellor of your choice. Bring whatever price they charge to $40 dollars a session. Now once you have seen your doctor you are given 6 then once you use them you have to go back to your doctor for a review and then will be given 4 more. Once these are used you are then stuck with paying the full amount. Then every calendar year its re starts and you can get 10 more again. 

I strongly believe this needs to be reconsidered and brought up to 15 per person per year. Giving people who desperately need it the chance to go at least once every month and not burn a whole in there pockets as mental health is becoming such a big thing now and we need to support and help people where we can! And by making professional help more affordable we can take massive steps in lowing the suicide rate. And im hoping with enough people signing this and getting on board the Australian government and Medicare will have no choice but to increase this to 15 a year. 

thank you for taking the time to read this and sign it. Im forever grateful!