Facebook: No bans for copyright violations

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Facebook: No bans for copyright violations

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Have you uploaded a video with music unsure if it violates any copyright laws? Then to find out you are banned from posting to your acct. for an undetermined amount of time?

How are we to know what is and isnt in violation of copyright laws and Facebooks user policy?

WHAT WE WANT: Either no bans or negative consequences when uploading to FB when the detected audio violates copyright (when not using the audio for financial gain) OR a FB approved app or verification software or site that specifically displays up-to-date information on which specific songs are not acceptable.

Facebook, Youtube and Instagram all posses similar software that upon upload analyzes the audio waveform and somehow cross checks that via an integrated system database that is able to recognize copyrighted content and intellectual property and thus flags that upload and either removes it or blocks it from reaching our social networks of friends, family and followers.

THE JIST: Multiple times Ive been banned for posting to my acct due to copyrighted material. Im ok with my video not being able to be posted what I am not OK with is negative consequences that affect my profile and Im sure many others from posting when there's no way to verify whether the audio I intend to upload violates any one services terms UNTIL AFTER THE FACT! 

And it varies from service to service... some songs are ok on FB but not IG. Some songs get flagged on YT and not IG? WTF this needs to be handled more clearly by all parties but Facebook is my first focus since that is what I use the most.




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