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Petitioning Facebook needs to stop the censorship of GLBT Facebook pages.

Stop the reporting process from being rigged.

The reporting proccess is rigged and many GLBT pages are getting their administrators "punished" for pictures that are not going against facebook guidelines. I am banned for a week from posting comments, posting anything or liking things... I am a disabled, loving person who is home bound, sometimes bedridden, who has been banned for a week from contacting many of my friends and relatives. I would like to see someone support us as we work very hard to maintain these pages and help others through their journey for equality, acceptance and fighting the HATE. My page has been helping people... it is a community page where some people are in need of advice on serious topics and they have been helped a great deal. I have MADE SURE that nothing is against guidelines and still, am getting reported, my page should be rated PG, when just the other day on a straight page I saw XXX sexual acts... a penis on my newsfeed and a girls' private parts being penetrated in two different ways.... But that is OKAYY??? Please help us in getting our rights back... I don't think Facebook should be governed by homophobes any longer... thank you!!

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  • Facebook needs to stop the censorship of GLBT Facebook pages.

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