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Stop letting kids under the age of 18 from having these type of accounts!

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I am a handicapped paraplegic paralyzed 42 year old father of 3 children ages 13, 12, and 10 my ex-wife walked out in 2004. I raise my kids with no help from her what so ever only help I get is from my side of the family. It is hard to keep children safe when you are a walking parent its 20 times harder when you are in my condition, because you cant be in places like a parent that can walk can be! And when you have internet sites out there like these it makes it even harder to try keep children safe!

Kids are all time starting these accounts behind some parents backs, my 13 year old son did! When I found out he had a account with a fake age I made him give me log in info, and I canceled the account out. I then contacted Facebook told them if they let him start another account I would see them in court. He went right to school used one his friends cell phones, and reactivated the Facebook account again behind my back now I'm in a legal issue with Facebook.

These sites should be made to have a policy that you must be 18 years of age to have a account with there service! And to prove they are this age they should be made to have to fax, mail, or somehow present some type of a picture ID to the service they want the account with! This way the service can keep on file for there records! Doing this will keep any one under the age of 18 from trying to get a account with any of these services so no one can try to get another account under age!

I am all time on some these sites, and seeing kids under age 18 posting pictures, and videos with tons of different sex slang words, and drug slang pictures or words, and cussing has become very much famous on these sites with 89% of kids, even videos of kids in fists fights! It has gotten out of hand, and all these sites acts like they do not care who has a account with them or what they post rather its against the law or not. And these parents out hear that has allowed there kids to have these kind of accounts do they ever monitor there kids accounts? Its Obvious they don't or they would see the kind of filth being posted from there kids, or there kids friends!

I have even seen some pictures of the mother, and father setting at tables the parents having booze bottles all in front them! And at same time under age kids setting at same table with booze bottles in there hands as well when the picture was snapped. I've seen pictures of kids at party's or get together's smoking weed the picture shows the drugs in there hand or up to there mouth. That's really some kind of good parents there isn't it so when I come across a picture like that I make screen shot whole page and picture so I can turn over to sheriff department! I've even seen pictures of some dumb kids has taken with them as well as some there friends setting, and standing beside growing marijuana plants outside as well as inside in growing pots! I've seen pictures of kids processing a pile of marijuana inside someones house, and a bunch of kids in the picture as well! Everyone knows when a picture is taken of a illegal activity going on, and pictures of people is also in the picture that don't lie in a court of law so that shows you how stupid a lot of these young kids really are!

These kind of parents don't need kids that's what needs to go into law that if parents let there kids have internet accounts like this what ever they post on these sites the parent should be held accountable, and 100% responsible for anything there kids are posting. If we do this then maybe parents wouldn't just turn there head when they know there kids are doing wrong! If they are held accountable for there kids actions on any internet website then maybe they would be more responsible adults for there kids actions!!!

As well if any one under the age of 18 is caught, or knowingly presents fake documents in order to gain a account with these services the said person should be held accountable, and charged accordingly to the law. Also any parent caught, or knowingly presents fake documents in order to gain access to a account for any child under age 18 they also should be held accountable, and charged accordingly to the law. Also it should be noted that if any parent, or legal adult creates a account, or a secondary account with any of these services just to let there under age 18 child to use to try to get around this band they to should be held accountable, and charged accordingly to the law!

So I have started this petition along with a few more to reach out there to as many responsible decent good loving parents that actually do care what there kids is involved in these days that I can reach. I am trying to get as many signatures as I can to present this petition to the owners of Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and all other internet based chat, messenger sites! I am prepared that if these sites do not agree to adapt these type of stipulations into there policy's which in return would also keep ignorant child molesters and sexual predators away from our loving children then I will take this all the way to congress!!

With enough signatures backing this petition they will see that there is loving parents out there that loves there children, and would rather have it to where these sites made it mandatory! That you have to be age 18 before you will be allowed a account with them, and then must prove they are of legal age before allowing a account!

So I am asking, and pleading PLEASE sign this to show you support this to help protect our children even more!


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