Mental Health Matters

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 Just because it doesn't happen to you, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

    Mental Illness is like a thief in the night. It comes to you, takes everything you have, and haunts you for the rest of your life. It also kills, if you're lucky enough. Mental Illness is a problem that doesn't go away. Many Filipinos suffer from various types of mental illnesses and not all people can do something about it. Some are fortunate to pay for therapy or counselling but many aren't. There are free services but not all are available to everybody because simply, they are discouraged. Many people think that if you go therapy, you're already considered as crazy. Well, we should stop that. Sometimes, we just have to seek for help when we feel helpless and that is not a bad thing. Seeking for help is important to release all the sadness that you feel, the guilt that isn't there, the anxiety that slowly kills, and all that thoughts that drive you into insane conclusions. And also, mental illness should not be defined by a single word like: crazy. There are a lot mental illnesses out there that can't be defined by crazy. Think about that.

      Since we put so much effort into making our body physically healthy, we should also exert an effort to keep our mental health healthy. Mental illnesses are silent killers. If we won't do anything about it, it will just affect us negatively overtime. Mental Health doesn't just affect you but also the people around you as it affects how you think, how you handle stress, and how you relate to others.  

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