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Institute changes to stop cyber bullying and harassment


Bullying is no longer limited to the schoolyard. With the advent of social networking, the bullies have become more technologically advanced and adults have increasingly become victims. Cyber bullying often occurs under the cover of anonymity as the bullies use multiple profiles and/or pages in order to hide their true identities.


 Facebook's reporting features need to be changed to fully allow victims to report the bullying and harassment. Oftentimes, the report form attached to a particular post,  comment, photo, page or profile is not adequate to fully explain what is happening.  For example, when someone is being continually harassed and bullied, the option to 'ask user to remove the content' is not going to work.  In fact, confronting the abuser often escalates the cyber bullying and harassment.  It would be beneficial to have a totally separate reporting feature wherein a user can attach screen shots of the bullying and harassment and have that  report be reviewed by a human. Yes, this will cost Facebook money, but it will also add jobs to a floundering economy - it's a win-win situation.


Cyber bullying is escalating and Facebook needs to revise its reporting feature to keep its users safe.  Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook and needs to take  responsibility in regard to the egregious cyber bullying taking place on his site.  With revisions to the reporting features, users will be able to fully articulate the problems that they are facing and will once again, feel safe.


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