Get Facebook to show more solidarity with other countries

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Get Facebook to add more flag filters and more safe checks in order to support other countries affected by recent terror events, not just France.

Recently, hundreds of people wrongfully lost their lives due to bombings, and even more so were affected second hand. Many people aren't aware of the atrocities that have taken place, but we have no one to blame but the media. There has been little to no media coverage of recent events that have taken place in other countries.

After more than 120 were killed in Paris, and 350 wounded, 100 or so critically. Facebook upload the feature for users to apply the French flag 'tricolore' filter on your profile picture. But I call upon Facebook to answer us this; where is the option to show solidarity with the rest of the world using a flag overlay?

Take Kenya, for example, 147 students were killed at the Garissa University College. Beirut, Lebanon is another example where 43 innocent civilians were killed and another 239 wounded because of suicide bombers. 4 more people lost their lives in Thailand because of bombings. Where is the option to show our support with the 224 Russians, who died in Egypt because of a plane crash. Think of all the friends and family members that have been affected by these dreadful attacks. Let's hypothetically assume that every victim who died or was injured, knew and had at least 2 family members or friends each. That means that approximately more than 1,400 people have been affected by a death or an injury of someone they knew or cared for. This is a lot of people.

Recently, two earthquakes hit Japan and Mexico, although (thankfully) there were no deaths, no major injuries or any structural damage. Facebook showed no support whatsoever or any recognition of the earthquakes. At the heart of Facebook, they claim to help you "connect with friends." The Facebook safecheck is a feature in which Facebook say you can "connect with friends and loved ones". After recent events Facebook only made the "safe check" available for those in Paris, France. As I mentioned, now, we know that there were no deaths. But regardless, why wasn't there an option allowing those in Japan or Mexico to say they are in the "safe zone" in order to connect with their friends and family, which is, may I remind you, THE PURPOSE OF FACEBOOK. You never know if and how many deaths, and injuries have exactly happened until after a shooting, or bombing, or earthquake or tornado, now we know with the little media coverage on this that thankfully, the people of Mexico and Japan are safe but where are the flags? Why do we see only the French flag? Why weren't the citizens of Japan and Mexico or people in that region given the "safe check" feature.

Where was the safe check for Lebanon? or Mexico? Kenya? What about Japan? There was only a safe check available for those in Paris. It doesn't seem fair that the French flag is the only one to have the flag filter option. 

This is why I'm calling for Facebook to either add the safe check for more countries who are affected by bombings and earthquakes and to allow us to use more countries flags as filters on our profile pictures to show our support, or that the French flag filter be removed completely as this just make Facebook seem to have an unfair bias towards France. When realistically, no country is more important than another.

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